QWIN Debug Page - Abort at Startup

This document describes what to do when Qedit for Windows aborts immediately at startup.

Qedit for Windows stores file-specific information in a document database called qwinddb.dat. The document database is created in the Windows system root directory. Typically, this is C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT depending on the version of Windows. Here is a short list of things stored in the document database:

In some circumstances, the document database can become corrupt preventing Qedit for Windows from retrieving the information. When this occurs, Qedit for Windows aborts immediately as it starts up. There is currently no way to repair a corrupted database. The only way to get access to Qedit for Windows again is to get rid of the document database by deleting or renaming qwinddb.dat. Unfortunately, all the information stored in it will be lost.

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